Partism is philosophy which believes that individuals, businesses, corporations, governments and nations operate more efficiently, effectively and fairly when in an active partnership. The Partism Foundation researches, debates and promotes policies and ideas which accord to the Partism philosophy. Partism is coupled with certain inalienable principles:

  • A belief that partnerships and collaborative working can be highly effective in substantially all areas where there is human interaction; whether this be national, international, governmental, commercial, industrial, business or social.
  • Partism demands open, fair and scrupulously honest dealings from those who work in partnership or collaborate together.
  • Partism does not equate to, nor is it synonymous with, equal sharing amongst members of any partnership.
  • Partism supports as wide a membership of the partnership as is conducive with the objectives of the partnership and economical efficiency. It does not support any one sectorial interest within any partnership.
  • There is no discrimination on the grounds of nationality, race, colour, creed, gender, disability or sexual orientation.
  • A belief in religious freedom and tolerance.
  • Freedom for, and responsibility of, the individual.
  • Government of the people, by the people, for the people. The State should not be the servants of the people nor the people the servants of their State. The State and its peoples should strive to create a healthy, symbiotic and harmonious society.

The Partism Foundation has no political allegiances or alliances. It is politically party agnostic.

Definition: A partnership is an arrangement in which two or more parties co-operate together to share a common task, to achieve their shared goals and to advance their mutual interests.

Partism Foundation publishes a paper calling for a Royal Commission for Responsible Capitalism to be established with the object of improving the working of free market capitalism and to address the current abuses in the market system – Please click Royal-Commission-on-Responsible-Capitalism-18-7-16  to download the discussion paper.

Partism Foundation publishes a series of essays by Charles Bunker entitled Brexit or Bremain as part of the June 2016 EU Referendum Debate – click  Brexit-or-Bremain to download

Partism Foundation calls for Tax Relief to be disallowed on Excessive Executive Remuneration – click Excessive Remuneration to download the discussion paper.

Partism Foundation publishes part of Pope Francis Evangelic Gaudium which relates to its work – click to download Extracts from Evangelii Gaudium Gospel of Joy Nov 2013