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The Partism Movement was founded out of the Banking Crises of 2008/9 when there was a general recognition that unfettered free market capitalism had fundamental failed as demonstrated by the socialisation of capital losses with the tax payer bearing the huge costs associated with the lamentable failures in the banking systems.

The Partism Movement gathered strength on during the European Debt Crises of 2010-12 with the huge increase in youth unemployment in Europe and a recognition that the free market capital economic model, which saw employees as a flexible resource capable of being hired or fired dependent upon economic circumstances, was not capable of dealing with the problem.

The Partism Movement recognised that the economic models promoted by communism and socialism had not provided the wealth and improvement in living standards provided by free market capitalism and were therefore economic philosophies.

The Partism Movement, whilst recognising the huge improvement in living standard brought about through the employees organising themselves in Trade Unions and Employee Federations, couldn’t help but notice the confrontational nature of wage bargain negotiations particularly in the Anglo-Saxon economies.

In 2012 the Partism Foundation was created as a forum to research, debate and promotes ideas which accord to the Partism Philosophy and in the process create a fairer and more harmonious society.

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